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Business Insurance

We can work with you and any shareholders to develop an insurance plan to:

  • Eliminate or substantially reduce debts and ongoing financial obligations
  • Replace revenue or owner income lost
  • Fund the cost of replacement people

There are two main areas we look at:

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder protection enables shareholders to buyout a business partner or their estate, in the event they need to sell their shares in the company due to serious illness, injury or death.

When you have shareholder protection cover, you’ll also need a buy/sell agreement. You can discuss a buy/sell agreement with your lawyer.

We can also provide Debt Protection Cover for shareholders to repay debts and other liabilities at the same time.

Key Man Cover

Key man cover allows your business to keep rolling when you lose someone that has a big impact on revenue.

Key person cover injects cash into the business to cover operational costs.

With key person cover, you need to consider the all the costs associated with your key person from operational to recruitment.

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