I’ve always been driven to succeed but when I discovered how to improve my health – life took off.

Personally and financially.

I fell into health by accident. A flatmate gave me his gym membership. So I gave it a go and felt great.

I met my beautiful wife who was a personal trainer (and to be honest a motivating factor to go to the gym in the first place!). With that came a whole shift in lifestyle that gave me energy and made me more motivated than ever to succeed.

I firmly believe that if you feel great, you’ll be great.

These are my top tips to create wealth through health.

Get up early

Studies have shown that early risers tend to be more optimistic, more agreeable, have increased levels of satisfaction with life and are more conscientious.

I find getting up at 5:30am and spending 30 minutes reading or just relaxing with a good coffee sets me up for the day. I also find it’s a good time for me to do paperwork, as my mind is fresh. I accomplish things twice as fast first thing in the morning and am more effective than I am later in the day.

Exercise regularly

This should come as no surprise. Regular exercise makes you feel great, improves fitness, provides energy on the job and helps you sleep better.

I do an hour of exercise every day. Five days a week I do weights and the other two days are for cardio.

Eat well

Everyone’s different – one diet doesn’t fit all. You’ve got to find what works for your body type and don’t give up until you do.

For me, a healthy diet is five to six meals a day. I have a palm of protein and half a plate of veggies every day. I have minimal sugar and I generally don’t eat bread or carbs after lunch.

It’s important to live a little, so I have one cheat day a week. I also try and do a one or two day juice fast every week – depending on how I feel. If I’m doing a juice fast, I have my last meal on the previous day around 7.30pm to 8pm and I don’t eat anything until 6.30pm to 7.30pm the following evening. I then eat protein and salad. During the 24 hour fasting period, I drink plenty of water and also have a bottle of freshly juiced veggies that I get from the supermarket or a health shop.

Drink water

We’re made up of approximately 70 percent water. It supports our wellbeing by transporting energy and nutrients and helps us remove toxins. As we age, the percentage of water in our body decreases. That’s why we start to notice wrinkles and why our backs may start to hunch.

I drink three litres of water a day with electrolytes. I have very minimal alcohol but let my hair down every once in awhile.


Meditation has many benefits but if you have a busy life, it can be hard to make time for it. Starting with a short daily practice can have a big impact.

The benefits include improved concentration, reduced stress levels, increased happiness and self-acceptance, as well as improved cardiovascular and immune health.

I try and do a 15-minute meditation halfway through the day, or even just close my eyes for some me time.

Make time for sleep

Sleep experts say that if you go to bed earlier and get up earlier, you’ll have a more restorative sleep.

I aim to get eight hours sleep a night (seven at a minimum). I spend 30 minutes reading or watching football to wind down. I’m in bed by 9.30pm – 10pm at the latest and up at 5.30am.

Practice gratitude

Happy people are successful people. It’s not the other way round.

If you can find happiness with what you have instead of attaching happiness to the things you want or don’t have – you’re far more likely to be successful and reach your goals.

Smile often – especially to strangers and hug and kiss you family as much as possible!